Nitis Photography specialises in providing professional Martial Arts photography in and around Sydney.
Whether it’s for a tournament, presentation night, grading or more, we can help you today.

We offer an extensive range of martial arts photography services that includes:
• Athlete/Student Portraits
• Instructor Portraits
• School/Dojo Profiles
• Candid and Action Shots
• Class Shots (Ideal for gradings, seminars and the like)
• Event Photography (tournaments*)
• And more…

All of these services are largely dependent on you and your needs. We are able to create custom photography packages that encapsulate as many, or as little of our services for you. This is because we want to deliver you the best martial arts photography experience as possible – and so, we cater our services explicitly to you.

Nitis Photography was founded by John Nitis, a 2nd Dan in Traditional Shotokan Karate, 1st Dan in Okinawan Weaponry and the Head Instructor for TMAC Kickboxing. His lengthy experience in the sport means he understands and knows how to get an excellent shot that perfectly represents the fluidity, intensity and dynamics of Martial Arts. Whether it’s Kung Fu, Shotokan Karate, Taekwondo, Judo or more, Nitis Photography has you covered.

For more information regarding our Martial Arts photography services, please call 0416 889 997 now.

*We are currently covering the photography for NAS (National All Styles) Martial Arts Tournaments. We are able to take photographs of your school, students and instructors at our designated area. Please call the above number for further details.